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So, after a little break of a few days writing blog posts and content for the website we are back in the saddle and have put together the following post to publicise our range of photo booth props

To be honest, most of ur catalogue could fit into this category however we have kept it to just 50 of our most popular photo booth accessories, based on customer order since we launched 6 years ago.

As you can imagine, this category includes it;s fair share of inflatable toys such as the ever popular inflatable flamingo and a selection of different inflatable musical instruments including 21 designs of inflatable guitar.

Over the past few years photo booths have started appearing at events from corporate conferences to weddings and are a great way of encouraging guests to let their hair down and take home a fun memento to remember the occasion.  The popularity of novelty photo booths has risen massively and as such there are a number of operators in the UK, many of whom are our best customers, therefore in order to stand out they need to have the best box of props so that users can create as many fun and crazy looks as possible.

As you may have been told before its not all just about quantity either and our range of inflatable toys ensure that the quality aspect is looked after as all products we stock adhere to the highest quality standards and undergo rigorous testing before they make it into our range.

One thing we can’t prepare you for however as a photo booth operator is party guests stealing the props, which is one reason why we keep getting repeat custom.  What can you say, when people get drunk and see an inflatable electric guitar the often channel their inner rock god and disappear of onto the dance floor with it.  With this in mind it is good to know that all party booth accessories from inflatable toy shop are priced to ensure we are one of the most competitive suppliers on the market and with bulk discounts and free postage options for multiple purchases we try to look after the photobooth operators of the UK and beyond. are pleased to unveil their superb collection of inflatable toys for schools, colleges and universities which make fantastic props for plays or as lesson teaching aids.

Inflatable toys are a low cost way to inject a bit of visual fun to a lesson.  Inflatable Toy Shop’s extensive catalogue of inflatable musical instruments on the website compliments musical performances, including guitars, microphones, bongo drums, saxophones and keyboards whilst the inflatable animal range includes cows, flamingos, dolphins, horses and tigers, which make for perfect school mascots or stage dressing for drama productions.

Managing Director, David Lewis, comments: “Schools and educational institutions have long been valued customers of ours.  Teachers and Lecturers have recognised the benefit of our inflatable musical instruments and inflatable animals to complement their traditional teaching methods.”

Other inflatable items include fancy dress accessories, sports items such as boxing gloves and basketball nets, and weapons including swords, maces and rifles which, as you can see would cover a wide range of subjects.

Inflatable Toy Shop also has a long history of supplying over novelty items such as including indoor and outdoor games, novelty stationary and pocket money party bag fillers.

The business has built its reputation on offering the very best in toys and fun items at the best value prices. Originally launched on eBay in 2007, the website was established the year after, which enabled them to offer products to a wider customer base and benefit from buying stock in larger quantities which in turn allows the business to offer Bulk buy discounts to customers who can benefit from savings of up to 25% – so, the more a visitor to the site spends, the more they save.  These discounts are automatically applied when customers check out online. offers the fastest delivery time in the UK and have a company wide pledge that anything ordered before 2pm will be dispatched that day.

Trade customers can also place orders by phone on 0161 818 9201 and speak to one of our friendly and experienced account managers who can help with anything from sourcing enquiries, bulk ordering and logistics enquiries.

If you are a parent travelling away to a beach resort with young children, the chances are that you will end up going to a promenade gift shop and buying a range of inflatable toys and beach balls to keep the kids entertained whilst you try and get 5 minutes of peace.

That is all good however, from my experience, these toys are often already inflatated or not packed in retail packaging and if they are often do not comply with UK safety standards, (boring health and safety bit over now, we promise).  Well if you know you are heading away this summer or for some winter sun why not check out our range of beach balls which is constantly growing.  We have beach balls in all different sizes and colour from the original multicoloured beach ball through to a pretty pink princess beach ball for your little girl or pirate beach ball for your little jolly roger.

(OK so back to Health & Safety)…… Inflatable Toy Shop is committed to supply you a safe inflatable products. All of our products comply with CPSIA rules and regulations and as each new standard becomes effective over the time frame required by the CPSIA, Inflatable Toy Shop will continue to meet or exceed such standard at each required date.

While we are confident all the products we ship have passed stringent safety tests, if it comes to our attention that any product that we shipped you, was not compliant to the CPSIA regulations in effect at the time of shipment we will notify you of such non-compliance and arrange for return of such non-compliant product.

Anyway I hope you have all enjoyed todays blog post on beach balls and to round it off I will leave you with a little know beach ball fact……..A classic beach toy, the inflatable beach ball is believed to have been invented by Jonathon DeLonge in 1938. The original beach balls are thought to have been about the size of a hand. Now the inflatable toys are sold in many different sizes, including unbelievably large!

If you are looking for a safe, fun way to add a finishing touch to your next medieval fancy dress costume then look no further than Inflatable Toy Shop.  We have a range if Inflatable Weapons and looking at Medieval theme we have the Inflatable Medieval Sword, Inflatable Sword and Shield and the incredibly detailed Inflatable Mace. We also carry a range of Princess themed party accessories and a fun inflatable dragon if you were looking to go full on Camelot.

Talking of themed parties and inflatable swords we also have a convincing inflatable pirate sword to hep you recreate your very own shwashbuckling adventure. Furthermore we do have other pirate themed party accessories, so many in fact that they have their very section so make sure you check it out to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Bringing it to a more modern era now, we’ve all seen the cheap, plastic rifles that hens and stag parties use when they are going on an army themed night out but we can provide an alternative in the form of our inflatable camouflage rifle and inflatable stars and stripes rifle.  In addition we have fun inflatable handcuffs in this section (are these a weapon, you choose?).

Finally, bringing us to the year 2050, we have futuristic inflatable space swords available in either pink or blue that will be the perfect accompaniment for a Star Trek, Star Wars or Captain Buck Rogers fancy dress costume.

So, there you go, no matter the era you are looking for we have an inflatable weapon to suit so bookmark our page, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and check out the latest additions to our range.

Sports Bars, sports clubs functions and even Super Bowl Parties are a great way to get together with friends and watch/celebrate a sporting event in a fun and sociable setting.

Inflatable Toy Shop have been lucky enough to work with a number of UK event organisers who are looking for fun party accessories to add that extra sparkle to their sports themed event.  Over our six years in operation we have supplied American Football Beachballs to Super Bowl parties at an increasing rate as the NFL becomes more popular in the UK as a result of regular season games taking place at sporting stadiums outside of the USA including recent games which have been held in London, England, which has resulted in an increasing fan base for the sport across the world.

This type of trend is also mirrored especially in World Cup or European Championship years when pubs across the UK screen the England national football team in their group games (and hopefully more as they progress through tournaments).  It is during these years that we see sales of our Soccer Ball Beach Ball grow at a rate of over 3 x times usual annual sales.

In additional to mainstream sports, Inflatable Toy Shop  also carry products from less popular activities, often as a result of a particular customer sourcing request, which has led to us carrying items such as Inflatable Boxing Gloves and an Inflatable NASCAR in our growing range of Sports Inflatables.

Making up the range are also a number of different designs of inflatable baseball bats, inflatable trainers and inflatable wrestlers for those of you who follow WWE.  The pièce de résistance of our Sports Inflatables range however is our unique inflatable basketball net which stands at over 6 foot tall!

As with all out categories at the moment, the range is growing continuously so please bookmark the website and return occasionally to see what has been added.  Furthermore, as with all categories, if you are in need of an inflatable party accessory that you can’t currently see in our range, then give one of our dedicated sourcing team a call and we will help you to find the perfect inflatable accessory for your event.

Inflatable Toy Shop is the one stop shop for all things party inflatables.  Since we launched over 6 years ago our inflatables have graced the dance floors of parties up and down the land.  Over that time we have had some strange requests ranging from 150 inflatable cows for the National Young Farmers convention in Blackpool through to providing some inflatable musical instruments for the movie Paddington 2.

However, our bread and butter is providing the best quality inflatable toys for parties and events such asa weddings, birthdays and corporate team building days.  Other random showbiz requests we have had have been to provide some inflatable microphones to hit UK TV show, the X Factor live shows and inflatable aliens for CBBC show The Slammer.

We have also noticed a fun trend of travelling football team supporters taking a random inflatable toy to their final away game of the season and whilst Inflatable Aliens and microphones are some of our most popular lines however our party inflatables section currently has 45 products in it and is growing on a daily basis with new stock arriving from our suppliers so no matter what your party theme is you will be sure to find the perfect inflatable party decoration or favour at Inflatable Toy Shop.


We’ve all been there right?  Looking to organise a cars or planes themed party and needing the perfect accessory to finish of the decorations or give out as interesting favours at the end…(No, just me then?)

If your little one is obsessed with cars, planes, space shuttles, hot air balloons or boats then head over to inflatable toy shop to buy them a low cost, safe inflatable version that won’t break the bank.

Our inflatable vehicles section launched in January 2020 following numerous requests for these items including a bespoke sourcing job we did for the the UK’s largest planetarium, The UK Space Centre in Leicester who needed to procure 500 inflatable space shuttles for a schools open day.

We fund a supplier overseas who was able to send them over to us in double quick time and whilst we were placing our order we found the inflatable NASCAR and colourful inflatable hot air balloons to add to our existing inflatable planes which are available a choice of large or small in red, white or blue colours.

The idea for inflatable toy shop was born from the founders trying in vein to find low cost, good quality inflatable toys in the UK that were sold in small quantities with no huge minimum order quantities.  We were in fact hosting a party for the opening of a new Porsche showroom in Preston, Lancashire and typed in a Google search for inflatable vehicles which unfortunately gave us a very limited selection that would have to be imported from overseas meaning that we would miss the deadline for the event.

You could call it a lightbulb moment but for the next few weeks the idea gnawed away at us and following a bit of research we decided to take the plunge and have never looked back since, becoming one of the UK’s leading suppliers of inflatable toys.  So, if you are stuck organising a party and are looking for an inflatable that you cannot currently see in our extensive catalogue and let us do the leg work for you with our dedicated sourcing service.

Inflatable Toy Shop have over six years of supplying props to photo booth operators in the UK and overseas.  Our customers range from one person start ups to multinational operators with hundreds of booths and when you buy your photo booth props from inflatable toy shop you can be sure you are buying durable, good value accessories that will last many a drunken works party, wedding or Christmas do.

Our photo booth props section currently has 50 products with more new lines being added on a daily basis, these range from inflatable microphones from just £1.79 through to inflatable guitars, inflatable saxophones and even luxurious feather boas to make your customers enjoy the experience of your photo booth.

There are also numerous other ideas that you may find in our other sections as we have full categories devoted to inflatable toys, novelty toys and fancy dress accessories so get a cuppa, and settle down in front of and start to source your range before the wedding season picks up.

The photo booth market in the UK continues to grow as more and more people look to add some extra entertainment and give their guests a momento of their party or special day.  We have noticed this trend as photo booth operators now make up a large percentage of our regular customers.

Inflatable Toy Shop have established links with many UK and overseas suppliers so also offer a dedicated sourcing service therefore if there is something more obscure that you are looking for please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you find the perfect inflatable accessories for any theme of party at the UK’s best prices.

Photo Booth Operators can also benefit from our sliding scale discount scheme which means the more you  spend the more you save!  For more information on this please visit the Trade Party Accessories page of our website.


Whether you are a party band, event organiser or photo booth operator you can be sure to find the largest range of Inflatable Musical Instruments at Inflatable Toy Shop.  It is our aim to have the full orchestra available for your silent disco and we have kicked things off by ordering 15 of the most popular inflatable musical instrument styles from our overseas suppliers.  These include nine styles of inflatable guitar for those looking to complete their rock star fancy dress outfit.

If you are also looking to make up the rest of the band, inflatable toy shop also stock inflatable microphones, inflatable keyboards and inflatable drums.  Whilst for those of you who are looking for something a little more traditional we also stock inflatable trumpets and saxophones.

As with all our inflatable toys, the inflatable musical instruments we stock all have to undergo stringent safety and quality tests and are made from the highest quality, durable materials to ensure that you can use them many times.

We are a reputable online retailer who has over 5 years experience, having started on ebay and Amazon before branching out on to the world wide web with the launch of  Our values of seamless delivery and excellent customer service are the same now as when we set up all them years ago, the only thing that is different is that we are packing hundreds more products per day and I have slightly less hair.

Happy Monday morning everyone!

It is a busy one for us here at Inflatable Toy Shop as we have just taken delivery of a huge new range of Inflatable Animals from our key supplier and will be excitedly booking in to our warehouse and uploading to our website over the coming days.

Inflatable Animals are the ideal decoration for any zoo, farm, jungle party and add the perfect finishing touched to a themed event.  The bonus about Inflatable Animals is that they can also be given away to party goers at the end of the event, giving them a cool keepsake.

Our heard of inflatable animals keeps growing and now stands at 41 different products ranging from an inflatable cow which is perfect for farm themed parties through to an exotic inflatable flamingo which will add the perfect finishing touch to a beach themed party.

All products at inflatable toy shop are priced at 30% lower than RRP with bulk discounts available for multiple purchases therefore there has never been a better time to start your own blow up animal collection.

These animals are predominantly purchased by nurseries, party planners and photo booth operators but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out as our policy is to offer the same low trade prices for everyone so the more you spend, the more you save.

Keep your eyes peeled on our website over the coming months as we continue to grow our inflatable animal collection and if there is an animal you need that you can’t see currently then contact us and we will use our extensive network of suppliers to source it for you.

Anyway, we better get back to work now as, unlike Noah and his ark, our inflatable animals will not be marching two by two in to the our warehouse racking on their own!